Can you bring marijuana into Texas?

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Texas is known for having strict marijuana laws. Even possession charges can be felonies that result in thousands of dollars in fines and time behind bars.

But this is not true across the entire United States. In many places – such as Colorado or, most recently, Ohio – marijuana has been decriminalized or legalized for recreational use. And in even more states, it has been approved for medical use. In states with recreational use laws, people can walk into a dispensary and purchase marijuana products the same way that a person in Texas would walk into a party store and buy a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine.

This means that people in Texas sometimes consider going to these other states, legally buying marijuana, and then bringing it back home. Are they allowed to do this?

This is illegal for two reasons

The first reason not to do this is because the legality of that purchase doesn’t change the laws in Texas. Even if someone bought marijuana products in Colorado, they would still be breaking state laws when they returned to Texas.

The second reason is that this type of transportation requires someone to cross state lines. That makes it a federal issue, and marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. So this would be a violation of both Texas state laws and federal marijuana transportation laws.

Those who are facing criminal accusations are likely worried about the impact on their future. They may fear that a criminal record will keep them from getting accepted into college or advancing their career. It’s important to know exactly what legal steps to take.

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