Can you carry a hunting rifle in your car in Texas?

If you’re going to be hunting in Texas this year, you may not be doing it on your own personal property. You have to transport your firearms, either to take them to your own hunting property or to another location, such as a friend’s property or state hunting land.

When doing this, you don’t want to accidentally violate any laws regarding your firearms. Are you allowed to carry your hunting rifle in your car as you transport it to this location?

Are you legally allowed to own firearms?

The biggest question to ask is whether or not you still have the legal ability to own and possess firearms. Some people – such as those who have a felony on their record – are not allowed to do so, even if they are just hunting or target shooting. If possessing a gun is a violation of the law, you could face arrest for doing so – even if the gun is technically owned by someone else.

But as long as you are allowed to possess that gun, there is no law saying that you can’t carry it in your vehicle. You do not have to conceal the gun when it’s in your car. It does not make a difference if the gun is loaded or unloaded at the time, as you can legally transport it either way.

There are a lot of laws in Texas regarding how handguns have to be transferred or carried. It is very important to understand your rights, especially when considering concealed carry issues. But these same issues are not present with long guns that are used for hunting, so the same types of laws are not on the books.

Are you facing firearm charges?

As a hunter, a conviction on any type of firearm charge could have a serious impact on your life and your ability to own guns moving forward. Always make sure that you understand your legal options.

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