When You Are The Target Of Sexual Harassment

Get the advocacy and counsel you need when you are facing sexual harassment. Whether you have been sexually harassed, assaulted or retaliated against in the workplace, you need advocate on your side to protect your rights and pursue justice.

At Hunt & Tuegel, PLLC, our attorneys have a long history of advocating for justice on our clients' behalf. With significant trial experience, we can guide plaintiffs through the process of addressing harassment, assault or workplace retaliation. Many times cases involve aspects of all three issues and require a careful assessment of all courses of action.

We Are Here For You

As awareness about the frequency of sexual harassment and assault increases, the opportunity exists to change the policies and procedures of workplaces and other environments. While a traumatic event can be difficult to address, our lawyers are here to compassionately and carefully walk you through the process so that you can move forward with your life. When you speak up and take action, you help others have the courage to do the same and make a positive difference for those who come after you.

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